! NEW ! HYBAG – hygiene bags & backpacks

  • High quality thick Clear PVC bags & backpacks
  • Easy to wipe and sanitize
  • Plain design without lots of detail to make disinfection easy
  • Flat non porous surfaces
  • Various shapes, sizes and colours
  • Easy access zipper


Why are we making HYBAG hygiene bags & backpacks

Preschool and school pupils are required by government to carry their lunches, books, stationery etc in plastic bags which can be disinfected.

That is why we created the HYBAG to fulfill this need by constructing durable high quality bags and backpacks which can easily be disinfected inside and out. Our bags contains no fabric parts or components where unwanted germs can hide.

Plain design with flat non porous surfaces which makes it easy to sanitize !

MASKS:  Why are we making cloth masks?

Masks will be around for months to come, so you might as well invest in a stylish one (or 5).

Follow the Minister of Health’s advice and wear a cloth mask. Leave the surgical masks for the medical professionals. We are CIPC certified as an essential product manufacturer during lockdown (so you will be able to receive your mask during the lockdown).

Our masks are washable, made from high quality fabric and we have added a layer of spun-bound poly-prop (found in medical masks for extra protection).

Fabric masks are not 100% guaranteed – so please wear a medical mask if you are infected with COVID-19 (you can always wear our stylish mask over).